Friday, February 28, 2014

March Currently - it's March already?

It's March 1st, which means it's time for the March Currently. Simply cannot believe that it's March. I'm not the only one, am I?

Linking with Farley to the monthly Currently. She got a brand new blog design which is super cute.

Let's get it started!

Listening: I had heard such wonderful comments on Facebook about The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that I just had to download the first couple of episodes. I love Jimmy Fallon. Attractive AND a fabulous sense of humor? Oh yeah.

Loving: The strawberries right now in Korea are amazing. Simply amazing. They are THE best strawberries I've ever had. Even the ones with messed up parts taste great.

Thinking: I'm tired of winter. I'm tired of wearing my down coat. I'm ready for the spring weather to get here. There is supposed to be a beautiful cherry blossom festival here in Daejeon, and I can't wait to see it.

Wanting: I have seen Frozen twice, and I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Loved the music too. Yes, I want to build a snowman. And the song, "Let It Go" Love it. Koreans love the music too. I have heard "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" more than a couple of times around Daejeon. I even heard someone's ring tone today, and it was the snowman song. I just want to sing the songs. All the time.

Needing: I really need to edit my pictures from Japan, so I can upload them to my "other" blog. I didn't have my Mac for a week and lost time and then got behind everything.

??????: The answer is a man in a leather skirt and leather boots. What's the question? Comment below and see if you can figure it out!

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  1. Hi Angela! I just found your blog on Farley's Currently. I'm also a TX girl...though I'm still here in the Lone Star State and not halfway around the world like you! What an adventure. Have a great weekend!


    1. Howdy Alyssa! I'm so glad you found me! It's always nice to meet a fellow Texas! Whereabouts in Texas do you live? I lived in the DFW area. I miss it terribly...I will be home in 6 months though.
      Hope you have a great weekend too. I hear the weather has been crazy there, so you might be able to wear shorts this weekend, huh?