Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday - orphanage, fish bones, and a woo-hoo

It's Friday in Korea and that means it's officially time for Time for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

 Let's get the party started!

I have a confession to make. I love jewelry. Seriously. You should see my jewelry box at home. I acquired quite a few pairs of earrings since I moved to Korea. I got some awesome earrings in Thailand, and I have also found some great ones here in Korea. I was tired of digging through my container to find matching sets, and I needed to somehow organize them. I luckily found a craft box at S Dot stationery store. Check out my earrings now! Now I can actually find matching pairs!

 Last week I announced that God has called me to become a foster mom. Amazing how God works because on Saturday I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage here in Daejeon. A friend invited me, and of course I jumped at the chance. I had no idea that there are actually 38 orphanages in Daejeon alone. Wow. I had SO much fun playing with the little ones. I could have easily taken one home.

Especially her...oh, I loved her. Adorable personality!

 This is from our new English book for middle school 1st grade. My goodness. The conversation doesn't even make sense. And we wonder why students can't have a proper English conversation?

This is my new school uniform. I love it.
Are you ready, Sora?
Yes, I am, Mom.
This is my new jacket. I like it.
Are you ready?
No, I'm not.
Watch out! Oh, my new shoes!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
This is my new school. I'm not late. Oh, I'm nervous.
It's 8:00. I meet my new students today. I'm nervous.
That boy's uniform is too big.

That's just the first page...

I wish they would hire actual English speakers to write this stuff.

This is my new co-teacher, Jinju. She is adorable and looks like she's 13 years old. She is so much fun to work with and always loves anything I do. Love her.

By the way, I still have my other co-teacher as well. She is not as easy, flexible, and easy-going as Jinju. My classes are split in two between the two teachers.

Forgive the weird shadows (there is a white plastic paper behind us)...

Here I am with Taewan, one of my students. I am excited because I can actually now wear the ever popular Korean leggings and skirt combo. Woo-hoo!

 My last thing to share this week.  It's a funny story from lunch on Thursday.

Another Korean experience I will never forget...fried fish at lunch.The fish easily separated into 2 parts and the spine skeleton thing easily came off. I thought, I'm home free. So I proceeded to eat the fish, not taking huge bites with my chopsticks, but good bites. And proceeded to get a mouth full of bones. Had to spit that bite out into my tissue-like napkin. Let's try this again. This time I took much smaller bites with my chopsticks. Ok for the first couple of bites. Then got a small bone stuck in between my teeth. And I couldn't get it out gracefully. At all. So I'm digging in there trying to get this stupid bone out and it breaks in two. Now I have an even smaller piece of bone stuck in between my teeth. I finally get it out, trying to all along be discreet so my co-teachers don't see. These bones are small, thin, and clear. WHY does the blind school serve this kind of fish? WHY?

Now, this isn't my fish from lunch, but it just goes to show you how small and clear the bones in the fish here are. It's crazy.

Hope your week has gone great! I also finally caught up with the Bachelor. I don't even know the words to say about that.


  1. Hey! I love the name of your blog. It is too darn cute and perfect for a teacher from Texas!
    You asked on my blog where in Texas I am from--I'm a DFW girl too! I teach in Irving and live in Euless :) Which city are you from?

    1. Caitlin,
      Oh. My. Gosh. Are you kidding? I taught in Irving for 15 years and am from Irving! What a small world! That is SO crazy!