Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday - hiking in spring

Howdy from Korea!!

It's Friday, and that means....drum roll please.....Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

Let's get started, shall we?

I'm having a little contest on my Facebook page. I just created Think and Share for Reading, which are topic cards designed for a reading chart in your classroom. They promote dialogue, discussion, and critical thinking. All you have to do is like my post (you might have to "like" my page first...if you don't already), comment, or share it on your wall. I will be choosing a winner next week. I also created Thinking and Share for Math as well. Winner will get to choose Reading OR Math. Good luck!

Spring is in Korea, and I am LOVING it! Cherry blossoms are in bloom everywhere. Here is a picture of the cherry blossoms in the courtyard at my school. Aren't they beautiful?

 Since spring has come, my goal is to get out there and be more active. I went on a walk/hike on Wednesday in the hills/mountains near my apartment, and it was absolutely beautiful. I am SO doing this again! And the best's less than 10 minutes from my apartment! There definitely isn't anything like this in Dallas!

My co-teacher asked me how I'm feeling earlier this week. I was sick with the crud and had to go to the doctor. She says, "It seems like you've been sick a lot since moving to Korea. I'm sorry." Um, could it be because people come to school even when they are very sick and contagious? Or could it be that no one covers their mouth when they cough or sneeze? Or could it be that people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom? about all of the above? 

To give you an idea of being sick in Korea, please watch this short video. It will explain everything.

My 5th grade class this year is quite different from my 5th grade last year. This year I only have 2 students, and they are both blind. Their favorite thing is singing "Head and Shoulders". When I say "faster", they do a little hop and clap their hands. They are SO cute!

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