Friday, May 9, 2014

Five 4 Friday!

It's Friday! Even though I only had a 3-day work week this week, it still felt like a full week at work. How does that happen? Enquiring minds wanna know!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her awesome weekly linky! I just love reading about everyone's weeks. Don't you?

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I have also started a new Pinterest account solely related to teaching. I wasn't sure how I would like it at first. After all, I have hundreds of friends on my personal Pinterest account, but no one knows about my teaching account. I guess it just takes time. However, I love it that I can have more detailed boards now. Are you on Pinterest? Are you hooked like me? What's your favorite thing about Pinterest? I'm a visual person, so I love all the pictures that I can "keep" and organize.  I'd love you to check out my Pinterest page!

Let's get it started, shall we?

We had Monday and Tuesday off this week for Children's Day and Buddha's birthday. Any excuse for a holiday is great for me! A couple of friends and I met up at this gem of a park. None of us even knew about it until a Korean friend told one of us. It's Uam Sajeok park, and it's a historic park in Daejeon...quite out of the way. You wouldn't know to look for it unless someone told you about it.

It was great. Beautiful place. Beautiful weather.

One of my friends bought one of my cameras, and I was teaching her a few things on the camera. She took this one of me. I think it's pretty good...except it makes me look like a frog ninja.

I met up with my friend, Emily, for dinner the other night, and we checked out this dollar store. How can a dollar store in Korea provide so much fun?

Now, check out my awesome, amazing, wonderful, magnificent 80's denim jacket. Is that not awesome? And then check out the funky 80's green glasses I found at the dollar store? I be stylin'!

Now look at the 2nd picture....Gold Fish Floating. Now do you really want your gold fish floating?

Now onto the 3rd picture...Wrist Supporter....around your waist.

You can have SO much fun at the Korean dollar store!

My co-teacher had me teach "How to write a personal ad to find the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend". Yup. Seriously. Bet you haven't done that!

I came up with a list appearance words, personality traits, and interests. Then I had the students choose which words from each list to write their own personal ad. And of course, I wrote mine too.

I guess my experience of writing all those personal ads for Craig's List paid off!

Just kidding!!!

Got me a new Konglish shirt this week. Is it awesome or what?

Makes you wanna go, "HUH?"
Here's a story to make you laugh...

So today, my co-teacher (who is young enough btw to technically be my daughter) pulls up a chair and sits down next to me and says that I sit impolitely. My blind and low vision students might not like it. So I need to sit politely from now on. Um...OK.

I've been here for over 8 months, and you're just NOW telling me this. Are you kidding?

You might be asking how I sit. I sit with old leg folded/crossed under the other with my foot resting on the chair. Like this....except I do NOT wear short skirts. I wear pants or long maxi skirts to school.

I'm curious. What are your thoughts on this? students are blind or low vision, and we all sit at tables with me in front of them. So they can't even really see my legs.

I was I couldn't really believe what she was telling me.

Moving on....

I have something pretty exciting to share. Well, exciting for me!

I have reached 100 followers on TpT! Woo-hoo!

I am so excited! I will giving away a freebie very soon to celebrate!

Hope your week was fabulous! I love to read your comments! It makes my heart smile to get a notice that someone has commented on my little blog. Doesn't it make your day too?

Love you guys!


  1. That park looks amazing! Your adventure seems like such an incredible experience!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

    1. Thanks Marcy! I am loving this big adventure!

  2. love your maroon out shirt!!! I didn't sitting was polite or impolite hmmm

    1. Thanks Kristi! I totally need to get a new maroon out shirt this season! You learned something new about sitting politely, huh?