Monday, March 31, 2014

Emergent Readers...with a twist

I have been working on some new emergent readers this week. My emergent readers are a little bit different than others you might find out there. Since I teach visually impaired students, I incorporate a lot of music into my teaching. With my emergent readers, I made it to where each page is sung to the tune of "Where Is Thumbkin?". It's a simple tune that my students picked up on quickly, and it really helps their reading fluency.

Here are the new ones I've been working on:

What have you been working on this week?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday - concentration and Frozen

It's Friday....which means it's time for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

Let's get it started!
 My job is to teach English to my students. Some of them know NO English, some of them are blind, and some of them have intellectual disabilities. And I often have a mixture in each class. The textbook doesn't work since it's way too hard for most of them. So I came up with this idea of topics. Our first topic was places in our neighborhood. For each place in our neighborhood, I created 4 sentences.
For example, for the bank:
~ I need to get some money.
~ I went to the bank to get some money.
~ I got money out of my account.
~ I am going to the bank to get some money.

I fold up all the cards and put them into a bucket or basket. Then each student chooses a card and reads it, and I help if needed. I find that any type of activity where students pick or choose something, they like it even better. So much better than just reading it from a piece of paper. Boring!

 As you can see, some of my students are adults.

Then I created cards that said money, bank, bread, baking, etc, and we played Concentration. They loved it!

For my higher students, I put those word cards back in the basket, and students chose one and used that word to create a sentence. Higher thinking, right? Something that they do NOT have in Korea.

I just love the backpack combos here in Korea, especially for little girls. The smaller bag is a purse or lunch bag...I'm not sure. But the girls love it to match their backpack.

I just adore my new co-teacher, Jin Ju. She is so cute and sweet. We went to dinner last night, and she insisted on paying. She loves Twilight, her favorite food is meat, and her favorite thing about teaching is vacation. She also loves my singing voice and dance moves. She's wonderful! I thank God for her!

I know we're not supposed to have favorites, but....I do. Seora and Mina have my heart. I just can't help it. They love me, and I love them. They love to sing and dance (like me), and they always have a big smile when they see me.

Yesterday, I saw Seora out in the courtyard in front of our school. I said her name, and she runs/skips/hops over to me with this huge smile on her face. She takes both my hands and just holds them while smiling. She does this pretty much every time she sees me. I've never had anyone do that. Man, I feel loved. Hoping I can bottle some of that and take it home with me.

This year has not been the easiest year. My co-teacher, Gayong, has not been the easiest co-teacher, and there have been many tears...questioning God why he placed me at this school.

However, I just had THE best moment at my school today! I played the sing along version of "Let It Go" for my middle school students. My new co-teacher, Jin Ju, came in at the middle of us all singing along. Then she plays it again. I thought it was another sing along. Nope. Just for me to sing by myself. They start clapping along while I sing. When I hit the big note, they start cheering. Then they all shout "encore" afterwards. Wow. Oh wow. I am SO incredibly happy right now. You have no idea.

Here is a picture of some adorable Frozen clothes for little clothes I found at my Home Plus. And to answer your question, if they had one in my size, I would totally get one!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fuel Your Faith

Howdy! I am linking up with Jessica at Joy in the Journey for her new weekly linky party. I love anything that helps me look at my faith in a new way or lets me share my faith with others. That's why I'm so excited to join this linky party!

Thank you so much Jessica for getting this started!!

A couple of things happened in my last couple of weeks...

Last week, I was feeling a little lonely. My closest friend here in Korea is leaving. She is going back home to help care for her sick dad. Also, my 41st birthday is coming up soon. I never ever thought I would be 41 and still single. However, I wouldn't be able to be in this awesome adventure of living in Korea. Out of the blue, I got an email from a girl who was introduced to my personal blog. She went on to tell me that she was so excited to have found me and that my faith really inspired her. We have since exchanged several emails, and I am happy to say that I have found a new friend. She speaks words over my life that encourage me and inspire me to be a better person. I thank God for her.

School has been wonderful lately. I love my new co-teacher. She brings joy to our classes. She is not afraid to let loose and have fun. I need that in my classroom. I need laughter and joy with my students. I look forward to teaching with her.

I mentioned that God has called me to become a foster mom when I come home in August. I have read stories and seen videos this week that just confirm this. I cannot wait to get back and start. I know it won't always be easy, but I am up for the challenge. My heart is so excited that there are little butterflies.

I have to often remind myself that even know I may have NO clue as to what is going on, God knows. Even though I may be frustrated or discouraged, I know in my heart that God has THE absolute best plan for my life. I am more than happy to step back and let God be the driver of my life! What a ride it is!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday - happy week!

It's Friday, and you know what that means....Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

This week was a pretty good week. In fact, I smiled a lot this week.
There are certain students at my school who make my heart smile. Deksu is one of those students. Every time he sees me, he smiles really big and says, "Hello Angela!" He loves to sing and says, "I can sing good!" And he always tells me, "Good job, Angela!" when I sing in class. He can always make me smile. I am grateful for students like him.

On Tuesday, we had an impromptu dance party in my class with Jin Ju, my new co-teacher. She is so much fun, and I adore her. VASTLY different from my other co-teacher, who is so uptight and unsure of herself. Mina, Seora, Jin Ju, and I just danced the morning away. A little Justin Bieber, Crayon Pop, G Dragon, and EXO. Hopefully this will be a recurring Tuesday thing. It would make me so happy!

If you would like to check out some of our favorite songs to dance to, here are a couple of them. Just hearing them makes me want to get up and dance!

Oh goody. I had floating body parts in my soup again. At least they were big parts this time. And no, those are not French fries, and that is not cookies and cream cake. Doesn't this picture make you want to never ever complain about your school lunches again?

I have been working with Kang on his ABC's since I started teaching at my school. My co-teacher ordered some ABC books for him where he gets to write the letters and puts stickers inside. I always try to take it one step further. So I used my magnetic letters and had him make each word from the book. I enjoy working with him because he is always excited to learn things and get things right. Makes a teacher happy.

He did such a great job that I reward him with cereal. He LOVES it and gets so excited when he gets some.

Then we used a bigger version of The ABC Rainbow Connection that I had created. Since he is visually impaired, the letters need to be bigger for him. He does an excellent job matching up the letters and finding the letters when I say them.

He was so proud of his complete ABC rainbow!

It's official. I LOVE The Office. Why have I not watched this show before now? It's so funny and has me looking forward to the next show...which works out great because all 9 seasons are on Netflix. I am always amazed at what Michael Scott will do next (how does he still have a job?)...and Dwight of course. Love it!

And one last thing I just have to share....
I posted of this short dress/long shirt that I had found on the streets here in Daejeon. You will often find people selling fruit, clothes, tools on the street. It was suggested that I buy it. So I did. Tony the Tiger better watch out. I think this might make me feel a little sassy. ROWR!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday - orphanage, fish bones, and a woo-hoo

It's Friday in Korea and that means it's officially time for Time for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

 Let's get the party started!

I have a confession to make. I love jewelry. Seriously. You should see my jewelry box at home. I acquired quite a few pairs of earrings since I moved to Korea. I got some awesome earrings in Thailand, and I have also found some great ones here in Korea. I was tired of digging through my container to find matching sets, and I needed to somehow organize them. I luckily found a craft box at S Dot stationery store. Check out my earrings now! Now I can actually find matching pairs!

 Last week I announced that God has called me to become a foster mom. Amazing how God works because on Saturday I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage here in Daejeon. A friend invited me, and of course I jumped at the chance. I had no idea that there are actually 38 orphanages in Daejeon alone. Wow. I had SO much fun playing with the little ones. I could have easily taken one home.

Especially her...oh, I loved her. Adorable personality!

 This is from our new English book for middle school 1st grade. My goodness. The conversation doesn't even make sense. And we wonder why students can't have a proper English conversation?

This is my new school uniform. I love it.
Are you ready, Sora?
Yes, I am, Mom.
This is my new jacket. I like it.
Are you ready?
No, I'm not.
Watch out! Oh, my new shoes!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
This is my new school. I'm not late. Oh, I'm nervous.
It's 8:00. I meet my new students today. I'm nervous.
That boy's uniform is too big.

That's just the first page...

I wish they would hire actual English speakers to write this stuff.

This is my new co-teacher, Jinju. She is adorable and looks like she's 13 years old. She is so much fun to work with and always loves anything I do. Love her.

By the way, I still have my other co-teacher as well. She is not as easy, flexible, and easy-going as Jinju. My classes are split in two between the two teachers.

Forgive the weird shadows (there is a white plastic paper behind us)...

Here I am with Taewan, one of my students. I am excited because I can actually now wear the ever popular Korean leggings and skirt combo. Woo-hoo!

 My last thing to share this week.  It's a funny story from lunch on Thursday.

Another Korean experience I will never forget...fried fish at lunch.The fish easily separated into 2 parts and the spine skeleton thing easily came off. I thought, I'm home free. So I proceeded to eat the fish, not taking huge bites with my chopsticks, but good bites. And proceeded to get a mouth full of bones. Had to spit that bite out into my tissue-like napkin. Let's try this again. This time I took much smaller bites with my chopsticks. Ok for the first couple of bites. Then got a small bone stuck in between my teeth. And I couldn't get it out gracefully. At all. So I'm digging in there trying to get this stupid bone out and it breaks in two. Now I have an even smaller piece of bone stuck in between my teeth. I finally get it out, trying to all along be discreet so my co-teachers don't see. These bones are small, thin, and clear. WHY does the blind school serve this kind of fish? WHY?

Now, this isn't my fish from lunch, but it just goes to show you how small and clear the bones in the fish here are. It's crazy.

Hope your week has gone great! I also finally caught up with the Bachelor. I don't even know the words to say about that.