Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beginning of School Procedures

Howdy all! This will be my last post before heading to India and Nepal.

Can you believe that we're halfway done through August? School will be starting back before we know it!

Beginning a new school year can be so hectic. One thing I always do every year is spend time teaching procedures.

Some of the procedures I like to teach are:
~ Entering the classroom
~ Working with partners
~ Lining up
~ Turning in homework

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I believe that teaching procedures and having the students practice them is the best way to start your classroom off to a great start! And to keep it running smooth throughout the whole year.

What I like to do is teach them during the first couple days of school, going over them each several times each. I have several students role model the right way and then I show the wrong way. Then as a class we all practice the right way. Then throughout the next couple of weeks review the procedures, especially the ones the students are struggling with.

How do you teach back to school procedures?

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