Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday and NEW linky party!

It's Friday! Can I get a big WOOHOO?

To tell you a little bit about my week, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her weekly linky party.

Let's do this!


Last Friday, I got a new foster dog, a little 5-6 pound chihuahua. She is simply a doll. Seriously. She's about 14 years old and is fully blind. She was a stray which makes me really emotional. I simply can't imagine her out on the streets trying to survive all on her own. Poor baby.
Loves to be held and makes purring-like sounds.
Loves exploring the back yard.
When hearing me talk to her, her little head perks up and automatically turns toward me.
Gets along great with Kobe and Missy.
Is quite content sleeping in a comfy dog bed.
Is she adorable or what?


This past weekend was a bit challenging for me. I had planned to have a position as a long-term sub in first grade reading/language arts. My friend was the principal, and I was really excited. Long story short, it was canceled. The teacher resigned, which meant that now they had to look for a teacher for that spot. I didn't know what I was going to do. At all.

I had been feeling that I was not supposed to teach full time this year. I had prayed about this and felt pretty clear directions. But I was planning on this job to help makes ends meet. My question to God was, "Now what?" I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew that God would take care of it.

This was my motto. day later I got a phone call from another principal who wanted me to be a long-term sub at her school for third grade math and science. I was thrilled. Third grade is much more my speed.

I started yesterday!

It will be for at least six weeks. Maybe longer (IF I want to stay longer).

God is good!


OK. I did mention that I started yesterday, right? I had to take Lizzie in to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. Her teeth were horrible, and her breath stunk to high heaven. It was SO bad. Like knock the wind out of you bad.

I dropped her off at the vet at 7:00 am and then drove straight to my new school.

When I was going to pick her up, my friend who is the rescue person who gave me Lizzie, calls and asks me if I could also foster a little long-haired chihuahua who had just gotten neutered the day before.

I'm a sucker. So I said OK.

When I saw him, I was shocked.

He was blind as well. Well... more visually impaired because he can still see some things.

Now is he NOT the cutest thing you've ever seen? His name is Marco, is about 10 years old, visually impaired, sweet, gets along with other dogs, and has the cutest personality. He's a lot of fun an is just a happy little dog.


I've been busy creating these little diddies this week.

I LOVE Choice Boards! I love giving my students a choice, and they love it I think even more than I do. These could be used for Daily Five, homework, small groups, whole class, or literacy centers.

I also created these for Reading Homework. I always used reading logs but wondered if they were REALLY reading it. With these, not only do they have a spot to write down how many minutes they read, but there is also a critical thinking stem in which they have to write about what they read.

If you go to my previous blog post, you can win this Reading Homework by playing Pin It to Win It. So head on over!

The latest diddy I created was my Parent Pack. During parent conferences, I loved to give my parents ideas, tips, games, and strategies that they could use at home. And I like to give them easy to implement activities. Not something that is going to take them hours to put together. These are SO easy and simple to implement. And you don't have to do anything. These Parent Pack is No PREP!

how can parents work with their children


I've saved the best for last! I am starting a new linky party!!!


Here it is....

I will normally be posting the linky party on Saturdays, so you can link up on Saturday or Sunday. I know that some of you take Sundays off for family time, so I wanted to give you time on Saturday.

However....this week I'm posting it today since it's our very first one!

So here's what ya do....
~ Save and download the picture above
~ Save and download the picture below and add your goal.
         ~ Your goal can be anything! Teaching, family, cooking, fitness, etc. There's no limit!
~ Blog about it on your blog, adding in the photo above and your own Super Goal, linking back to               this post on your blog
~ Come back to my blog and add your link

I can't wait to read everyone's goal! I will upload mine tomorrow.

An InLinkz Link-up

Hope you've had a great week! And an even better weekend!


  1. Lots of exciting things going on in your life! We rescued a puppy this summer- your little guys are so cute! I love your choice boards! Congrats on starting a linky party! :) I will have to check back soon and link up!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

    1. There are definitely some exciting things going on! So excited that you're going to check back and link up!

  2. OH and yes, God IS good! I am glad it worked out for you!! Even though I prefer first grade! :) Just kidding, I love third grade too!!

    1. Yes, He sure is! If I had gotten the first grade position, I'm sure I would have come to you for help!

  3. I am so excited about this linky! Can't wait to share my goal this week.

  4. Parent Pack looks great! I will definitely check out your linky.

  5. Thank you so much! Hoping you join the linky party!