Monday, February 1, 2016

Fun and simple strategy for practicing vocabulary

"Hey kids, it's time to practice our new vocabulary words." Can you hear the moans and groans?

Practicing vocabulary is boring (according to kids) but when you add in dice, it becomes a game!

I call it Roll a Word!

Looking for an easy and fun teaching idea for your students to practice their vocabulary words? My students loved it and never realized they were learning! This strategy can work for any grade, from kindergarten to high school!

It's easy peasy to implement!

For each vocabulary students roll a die. The number they land on tells them the activity to do.

1. Give a definition
2. Give a synonym & antonym
3. Write a sentence
4. Draw a picture
5. Make a connection
6. Your choice (they get to choose one of the above to do)

I have created several Roll a Word sheets for science vocabulary, including:
~ Food webs
~ Forces
~ Light
~ Metamorphosis
~ Properties of water
~ Science investigations
~ Tables, charts & graphs
~ Traits and behaviors
~ Weather and climate

Click HERE to see them. I'm working on more!

What's great about this simple and easy strategy is that you can do it with any vocabulary word and in any subject!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Hope your kiddos love it!

  2. This is easy and they are learning vocabulary words. It's like four corners vocab.

    1. I love easy teaching ideas and activities. Don't you?

  3. Hi. Just wanted you to know that when I click on your link (Click HERE), it leads to "My Products" in my own TPT store. You might want to check that link!

    1. Thank you Margie! I just fixed it. :)

  4. very nice idea. Learning through play!!!!

  5. this is a great idea, I can't wait to try it. I think my daughter would love it since everything to her is a game.
    Now if it was that easy for every other subject. lol